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What To Expect When Becoming a Realtor


SURPRISE!!! You know nothing. Thanks for coming by!! Okay Okay, in all seriousness as my instructor told me the first day of Real Estate class, when you get licensed "You're dangerous at best." He was right, you passed a few tests, however, you know nothing and the reality is now the real work beginsAnd work is exactly what Real Estate is my friends in no uncertain terms.  As I mentioned in my latest article Stuff This you are your business and your business is you. The other side of this story is that you do have to treat this as YOUR business. If you think winging it or part-timing it will make you successful and a top producer, please think again.


This is one of the toughest businesses to deal with and thrive in. Not impossible, but let's just say very different than most professions out there. We deal with numerous people and personalities for ONE deal to exert all of our energy to get it closed. Sometimes we are therapists, friends and sometimes we are like the cleanup batter in baseball coming to clean up everyone's mess to win the game. We fight to do right by our clients and try to prove value when in actuality the agents who cut corners and are averse to putting in the same level of work that full-time agents do, are the individuals who make the industry harder. The appearance that Realtors have lunch everyday, take a few calls, send a few emails, wait for a closing to happen is a sad and false reality. The work that we put in is not for the faint of heart, and requires a different side of you to make this work.  Nothing, and I mean nothing goes smoothly. Those deals are few an far between and even those deals will most certainly have some hiccups along the way.


Learning and training, just as in life itself is never ending. As a 13 year vet, there are situations that arise that are new and even I  need assistance on. The business itself is evolving just as markets, the economy and the world. Training and a thirst for knowledge can help you have longevity in this business, so utilize that. Find a company that backs you, wants you to succeed and has all the tools you will need readily available at your fingertips. New and know nothing? Make sure you learn all you can from agents and trainers in your office who have been there and done that.  At Keyes  you cannot go "out in the filed" without a trainer next to you for your first few deals. What a valuable resource, and I can tell you the deals you do with agents that are not trained, not knowledgeable are some of the toughest to get through. You are dealing with people in a manner that will test your patience and emotions. Not knowing what you are doing will not only put more strain on your customer, but the other parties involved actually doing their jobs.


I am not trying to scare anyone, just trying to have some real conversations about what to expect .....when expecting. Being a Realtor has opened many doors for me, taught me so much about life and more important about myself. You are a brand ambassador, a top level marketing and AD exec, a supreme negotiator, a juggler of people, personalities and tasks just to name a few on any given day. Your 9:00am will look nothing like your 6:00pm and your hustle will be what sets you apart. Unless you dig deep and dive right in you just  won't be able understand.


Can you be a part-time Realtor? Depends on your intentions and motivations, sure  if you are willing to be serious, provide service, educate yourself on the evolving business and market we are in then yes you absolutely can!  If you treat it any other way, you do not add value to the industry but  hurt it instead. Remember, Realtors are the REAL OG'S of being entrepreneurs! So get out there and go get em!

Nicole L. Rymer

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Business is Booming




No, don't get excited Pittsburgh Steeler fans, Antonio Brown is not making an appearance on the blog today. Business is booming in #SOFLA and especially Traditions in Port St. Lucie, Florida on the Treasure Coast! Many many may be surprised to know that Port St. Lucie is Florida's 8th largest city. Now a total rebound from the crash and burn we all felt from the recession of '08-'09 that lasted at least through 2011 which some declared to be the "bottom". Now as home building has made a major comeback in the area residents and potential homebuyers look to relocate from contested cities and the bitter cold of the northeast one component that had been missing is an entertainment area for the complete package.


This new excitement is not just from the surrounding housing development that is surging in the quaint community of Traditions, no. Take a stroll and you will see something this area has long sought after and that is commercial growth and development. Yes! Martin health systems is adding on to their existing hospital, Tradition medical center, sports bars like Recovery Sports Grill are stationed near the Homewood Suites and other restaurants like HopCat, a two-story, 250 seat craft beer tap house will be completed by the end of the year. Then check out Culver's restaurant almost finished construction near the popular Philadelphia based Wawa gas station chain ( My Philly friends have rejoiced ). These are only a few spots to hit the area off Tradition Parkway. Shopping at The Landing will soon not be the only shopping and entertainment for the area.


Land is also currently being cleared to accommodate reputable home builders like Pulte for a 426 acre, 55+ community suited for 1,350 homes. This is in addition to Vitalia a booming active adult community with a 25,000 sq foot state-of-the-art activities center. The Estates a D.R. Horton community of 130 existing single family homes will complete an additional 110 homes to round out the gated community. A few communities like Heritage Oaks and the Lakes are finished and available or resales. Traditions is a great fit for many and combined with the newly designed commercial boom is making this area highly sought after for many levels of homebuyers. 


Take a look at TC Palms post regarding the area and the numbers behind Traditions! 

Want more information on your potential dream home?! Contact me today for all up-to-date information, builder incentives and so more from St. Lucie throughout Palm Beach County!




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Women are in "The House"


Is it time for HGTV & chill yet?!?!? LOL…Don’t hide it you know you’re a fan of the latest and greatest from the array of shows they produce! Whether it’s House Hunters International to Flip or Flop to the Property Brothers. I hear it all the time from my clients about how much they watch these shows faithfully! Whether you are a casual viewer or watching to get your own tips and tricks to purchase your next home there’s one thing for certain that cannot be ignored. PowHerful women do Real Estate! Yes we do!

Great news!!! Single women are one of the most popular homebuyers out there in the market right now. More than 1 in 5 homebuyers are single women according to As a Realtor for the past 12+ years in South Florida I can see the typical buyer changing and becoming more diverse.  It's such a great sight to see more Women of all ages have the opportunity to become homeowners. Women are adjusting their crowns and entering the marketplace to the delight of many. Owning your own home is an awesome accomplishment with an array of benefits. Paying high rent and putting hard earned money in someone else’s pocket can be draining especially to your bank account. Rents have skyrocketed and interest rates remain historically low making this not just a reality, but a smart decision and worthwhile investment. Homeownership is not some unattainable life goal, but something that is completely attainable with the right plan of action and the right professionals around you.

Here are some tips to start your own process to become a HOMEOWNER!!! 

Find a local and reputable licensed Realtor. Ask around and do some research! Does the agent have a website? Does the agent have listings of their own advertised online or sites like A licensed Realtor with real knowledge of the market, and lending practices that can refer you to the right mortgage broker, that is also tech savvy and a go-getter means you are in the right hands!! Let the trained professionals work for you! Calling a million different Realtors off of for sale signs while you drive around aimlessly is not a good start. Instead take the time to obtain a relationship with an agent that will actually help and work for you in your best interests. A licensed agent knows the market and what you need to not only start the home buying process, but make offers and more importantly get you closed!! Go to a PRO!

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GO GET PRE-APPROVED! So many potential buyers miss the importance of this major step. Lending and the mortgage process in general has gotten stricter and knowing where you stand, your credit and what a bank will lend you to purchase is the most important and one of the first steps you absolutely need to address. How can you possibly start looking for a home if you do not know what you are approved for? A good seasoned Realtor will NOT take you out to look at homes unless this step is at least initiated and in process. Pairing you with the right bank is important depending on your situation and the type of loan you need. Getting pre-approved upfront also gives you the best buying power over someone not yet approved. Most sellers will require seeing a pre-approval letter with any submitted offer to make sure they are dealing with someone prepared! You will also know upfront what documentation and requirements the lender will want from you so you can be prepared for the mortgage process itself. Timing is everything during this time period as we only have a certain amount of time to get you closed. Many new lending regulations have been put in place in the last few months by the federal government, and a good mortgage broker will make sure that guidelines are adhered to for a smooth closing.

Next tip, and a step some may not even consider is that depending on what you are approved for, you may or may not be comfortable with that monthly payment and choose to stick to a lower price point. Why does this matter to you? Well, depending on your local market you need to ask your Realtor to show you various homes within different price points of what you are approved for to see what you like and what your money will buy you. You may have to make some decisions on what you want versus what you can get in your market for the price point you prefer to stick to. Are you handy? Can you make some minor improvements yourself to save money? That may be an option to consider. 

Ask questions!!! Unless you are a Real Estate professional doing this day-in and day-out no question is ever too ridiculous to someone who is working in your best interests. Be upfront and honest with your Realtor.......AT ALL TIMES! If we do not have all the information pertaining to your situation we cannot do our jobs to the best of our ability.

Last but not least there is real value in being a homeowner that can give you real  empowerment in your life. Being a homeowner can give you a sense of community, and its your own special piece in this world that is ALL yours. Feel like you are too far away from this dream of homeownership? Again, getting pre-approved will allow you to know where you're at, and if you cannot get approved today a broker will tell you what steps you need to take to eventually be able to purchase a home.

P.s. Found a good Realtor? Treat that person well as a good Realtor takes time and effort and cares!! Take it from me ;-)


Nicole L. Rymer

The Keyes Company 

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